About Us

Valeth Hightech Composites an ISO 9001:2008 company situated in Chennai (India) has established itself as a leading manufacturer of advanced composite materials and products for Space, Aerospace, Defence, Marine, Petro Chemicals, Effluent treatment, and various other fields.

Ever since its institution in 1990, Valeth continues to produce a wide range of technically advanced engineering products from high temperature textiles to products like fully composite small aircrafts, high speed composite boats, etc. In the present scenario involving rapid changes in material technology, Valeth persists to be an innovative company capable of producing raw materials to products all under one roof. They have ascertained themselves an excellent position to face the challenges of the future.

As a result of the quality that Valeth imparts on its products, it has earned many quality conscious prestigious customers like Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), All Defence R&D Organizations, Ordnance Factories, NAL, Indian Defence Services, and so on, who utilise Valeth's products for their strategic projects.

Our Facilities

  • Autoclave moulding
  • Filament Winding Machines
  • Hydraulic Press
  • Resin Infusion System
  • Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Moulding Machine
  • Prepreg Plant
  • Programme Controlled Ovens
  • Tool Room for Machining
  • Glass Fibre Twisting & Doubling Plant
  • Glass Cloth Weaving Plant
  • High Silica Fabric Processing Plant
  • FRP Boat Building Facilities
  • Composite Two Seater Aircraft Assembly Facilities
  • Silica Tile Manufacturing Facility
  • Rayon Based Carbon Fabric Manufacturing Facilities