All Composites High Speed Planing Boats


  • Multipurpose crafts of custom designed for a variety of applications
  • High Speed Intercepting & Surveillance, Intelligence Missions for Navy, Coast Guard, Custom Operations, Coastal Police, Rescue Operations etc.
  • Speed up to 65 knots +
  • Various models for specific uses with luxurious interiors
  • Options for engines like Outboard / Stern drive / Surface drive / Water jet
  • Operated in major inland Water ways, Estuarine Waters and Offshore

Types of Boats

1. Valeth Sea Hawk:

Naval Surveillance & Assault Length : 12/5, 15 & 20 M
Patrolling & other operations of coast Guards Beam  : 4.0, 4.25 & 5.0m
Customs Operation Speed: Up to 45 Knots
Patrolling for Coastal Police Engine Type : Out Board / Surface Drive / Stern Drive
  Sleeping Capacity: 8, 10 & 12

2. Valeth Sea Lion

Luxury Yachts for family Length : 12/5, 15 & 20 M
Cruise, Pleasure & Adventurous Tourism Beam  : 4.0, 4.25 & 5.0m
  Speed: Up to 45 Knots
  Engine Type : Out Board/ Surface Drive/ Stern Drive
  Sleeping Capacity: 20 to 40

Model Interiors

A Modern Cockpit with revolving adjustable bucket seat and navigational instruments will be accommodated according to the customer's requirements. Two Cockpits, one in the lower floor and another in the upper floor may also be provided for easy maneuverability during berthing operations.

Saloon has luxuriously furnished seating arrangements for conducting parties and business meetings attached with beautifully crafted Dinning Area.

Gourmet Galley includes Granite/Fibre Glass Counter Tops, Refrigerator, Stainless Steel Sink and Rich Looking Cabinets etc.

An elegant looking Toilet with Washbasin, Mirror and Cabinets will have Vacuflush arrangements as well.


3. Valeth Sea Horse

High speed interceptor boats for navy and coastal patrolling. Excellent performance at speeds up to 65 knots. Also can be used fo cargo, movement of men & materials as well as Sports activities.

Length: 7.77m
Beam: 2.31m
Speed: Up to 65 Knots
Engine Type: Out Board
Seating Capacity: 6 – 8 persons

4. Valeth Sea Gull:

Luxury Yacht for leisure cruises, parties and tours / tourism

Length: 8.6 m
Beam: 2.8 m
Speed: 18 -35 knots
Seating Capacity: 6-9 persons

5.Valeth Seal:

Small 4 seater boat for casual boating, tourism, scenic rides etc.

Length: 4.3m
Beam: 1.72m
Speed: Upto 20 Knots
Seating Capacity: 4

6.Valeth Otter

Water scooter type seating boat, for tourism and private lesiure activities.

Length: 3.2m
Beam: 1.42m

Speed : Upto 20 Knots

No. Of persons: 2