The major manufacturing facilities available in our production centre are:

Composite Fabrication

  • Autoclave - 1500mm dia × 3000mm long @ 10 Kg/sq cm
  • CNC Filament Winding machine- 3m dia × 9m long
  • Hydraulic press- 250 Tons capacity
  • Resin Transfer Moulding machine- 6Kg/sq cm
  • Continuous Impregnation Plant for Glass/Silica/Carbon Fabrics
  • Curing Oven of size 1500 X 1500 X 4500 mm - 350 degree Celsius

Vacuum Assited Resin Transfer

Silica Tile Manufacturing Facility

Complete integrated facility for manufacturing of silica tiles. This state of the art facility built under license of Indian Space Research organisation (ISRO) is for their re-entry vehicle project for which these heat shielding tiles are manufactured.

High Silica Textile Processing

  • Continuous Silica Fabric Processing Plant
  • High Temperature Annealing Furnace

Glass Fibre Textile Processing

  • Glass Fibre Twisting and Doubling facilities
  • Glass Fabrics Weaving Plant
  • Rubber/PTFE coating plant for Glass/Silica Fabrics

Boat Building Facility

A Separate Facility(apart from the one at Chennai) for boat building, located in Edayar near Cochin, incorporates composite moulding, using advanced techniques such as vacuum infusion process in a temperature and humidity controlled atmosphere to ensure high quality. This 1500 built up area with facilities for outfitting, interior furnishing and moulding is well connected by roads in an industrial estate and is close to the airport as well as the railway station. Being situated near a large water body connected to the sea, it is convenient to conduct trials and testing for all boats before supply to customers. Also, easy access to the sea makes delivery of boats hassle free.


Aircraft Kit Building Facility

A completely air-conditioned assembly facility approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). Completely furnished with modern tools and equipments for composite fabrication, fitting and testing.


Inspection & Testing Laboratory

  • Hydraulic Pressure Testing
  • NDT Facility
  • Testing Equipments and apparatus for Chemical and Physical properties of Composite Materials and products
  • Inspection and Testing facility for High Temperature Textile products