High Temperature Textile & other Products

High Silica Textile ISROSIL® is manufactured under the license from ISRO.

This environmentally approved asbestos free material consists of amorphous Silica (Min 98% SiO2) with a melting point of 1650ºC. It provides high thermal, electrical and acoustic protection. This flexible textile product is available in various forms such as

  • Fabrics
  • Tapes
  • Sleevings
  • Ropes
  • Threads

Fabrics are available in two thickness grades namely 0.75mm and 1.2mm. Based on the characteristics content & usage these fabrics are supplied basically in following forms:

  • Standard (SNS) - For all industrial and commercial applications
  • Pre-Shrunk (With lower shrinkage at high temperature for Rocket/Missile applications.)
  • Silicon Rubber coated (For abrasion resistance and impermeability for fluid & gases)

These fabrics are being used in various industries for insulation and thermal protection for Nonmetallic Bellows, Wrapping for pipes, cables & hoses, Vertical strip Furnace Curtains, Seals & Gaskets etc.

Silica Tiles: (Under license from ISRO)

High temperature thermal protective material used mainly in re-entry vehicles (Space Shuttle). This is the barrier that protects the Space Shuttle Orbiter during the searing heat of atmospheric reentry.

Fabricated Insulation Products: These are custom-made fabricated components made out of materials like Glass fabrics, Silica fabrics, Aramid fabrics etc. coated with Silicon rubber/ PTFE/ Vermiculate for thermal protection.

  • Non - Metallic Expansion Bellows
  • Heat Shielding
  • Welding Blankets
  • Fire Blankets
  • Exhaust manifold covers
  • Protective Bellow Shrouds
  • Oven/Furnace Curtains
  • Flame Barriers
  • Stress Relieving Pads
  • Hydraulic/Pneumatic line wrap

These Insulation products find applications In Industries like Aerospace, Steel, Chemicals, Processing, Power Plants, Marine Oil And Gas, Electrical And Electronics, Personal Safety, Foundry/Forging, Basic Metal Processing etc.