Pinaka Rocket

  • Filament wound GFRP warhead, bonded with precision machined metallic inserts, integrated with module packed internally with 44kg of tungsten alloy spheres
  • 2mm thick flow formed motor casing of SAE 4130, with buttress thread at ends
  • Autoclave moulded silica phenolic thermal protective liner on motor casing
  • Metallic nozzle fabrication
  • Bonding as well as in-site moulding of compression moulded liners for thermal protection of nozzle

Processor Based Ground Mine

  • Filament wound GFRP shell
  • Integrated Vacuum infusion of GFRP dome and metallic hook
  • Precision machining of bought out SS castings
  • Bonding and integration of SS components with Shell and Dome assembly
  • GFRP containers for transport of Mine

Gun Barrel

  • Filament wound CFRP barrel for 84mm Carl Gustav
  • Precision machining of aluminium inserts to be bonded on the gun barrel for attachment of sight, scope, etc.
  • Assembly, Bonding and winding of inserts on carbon barrel with Aramid fiber.

250Kg, 500Kg And 700Kg Bomb

  • GFRP module filament wound with integrated aluminium inserts and subsequently packed with steel spheres.
  • Precision machining of fuzewell, BFD tube, inserts, holding lugs and other metallic components.
  • Assembly of components.

Composite Bulletproof Structures

  • Compression moulded Aramid panels.
  • Integrating with high Alumina tiles.
  • Encapsulating in metal structure with fittings such as locks, hinges, hand holds.
  • Protection level up to NIJ Level IV.

Silica Tiles

  • Vacuum infused and sintered silica-based billets of various sizes.
  • Precision machined to required shape and coated with emissivity coating.
  • Part of the Thermal Protection System of the Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV).

Thermal Insulation

  • Autoclave Moulding of Silica Phenolic Lining
  • Autoclave Moulding of EPDM lining
  • Autoclave Moulding of Carbon Phenolic lining
  • Autoclave Moulding of Silica Phenolic lining
  • Compression Moulding of Duff Moulding Compound liners and Silica Phenolic liners
  • Compression Moulding of Carbon Phenolic liners

Tubes And Flexible Hoses

  • Tape wound carbon tubes of various sizes.
  • Flexible fire proof air hoses for helicopters.

Other Composite Products

  • Filament Wound pipes and shells.
  • Infiltrated and Autoclaved parts for wing leading edge and nose cone of the Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV)