Products Manufactured

Pinaka Rocket

Filament wound GFRP warhead, bonded with precision machined metallic inserts, integrated with module packed internally with 44kg of tungsten alloy spheres. 2mm thick flow formed motor casing of SAE 4130, with end buttress thread at ends. Autoclave molded silica phenolic thermal protective liner on motor casing. Metallic nozzle fabrication. Bonding as well as in-situ molding of compression molded liners for thermal protection of nozzle.

Processor Based Ground Mine

Filament wound GFRP shell. Integrated Vacuum infusion of GFRP dome and metallic hook. Precision machining of bought out SS castings. Bonding and integration of SS components with Shell and Dome assembly. GFRP containers for transport of Mine

250Kg, 500Kg and 700Kg Bomb

GFRP module filament wound with integrated aluminium inserts and subsequently packed with steel spheres. Precision machining of fuzewell, BFD tube, inserts, holding lugs and other metallic components. Assembly of components

Gun Barrel

Filament wound CFRP barrel for 84mm Carl Gustav. Precision machining of aluminium inserts to be bonded on the gun barrel for attachment of sight, scope, etc. Assembly, Bonding and winding of inserts on carbon barrel with Aramid fiber.

Thermal Insulation

Autoclave Moulding of Silica Phenolic Lining on Pinaka motor. Autoclave Moulding of EPDM lining on JATO Motor, Akash-NG motor, Low Thrust Booster Motor. Autoclave Moulding of Carbon Phenolic lining on Akash-NG and JATO motor components and nozzle liners. Autoclave Moulding of Silica Phenolic lining on Akash-NG and JATO motor components and nozzle liners. Compression Moulding of Duff Moulding Compound liners and Silica Phenolic liners for Akash-NG and JATO nozzle. Compression Moulding of Carbon Phenolic liners for S200-JM.

Composite Bulletproof Structures

Compression moulded Aramid panels. Integrating with high Alumina tiles. Encapsulating in metal structure with fittings such as locks, hinges, hand holds. Protection level up to NIJ Level IV.

Silica Tiles

Vacuum infused and sintered silica-based billets of various sizes. Precision machined to required shape and coated with emissivity coating. Part of the Thermal Protection System of the Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV).

Tubes and flexible hoses

Tape wound carbon tubes of various sizes. Flexible fire proof air hoses for helicopters.

Technical Textiles

High Silica Fabric ISROSIL® up to 99% silica content. Glass fabric. Silica Phenolic Prepreg. Carbon Phenolic Prepreg

Other Flow Formed Motors

1.3mm & 2mm Maraging Steel – 250 Motor casing for LR/MR – SAM. 2mm 15CDV6 casing for Low Thrust Booster motor. SAE 4130 casings of various sizes and thickness for Pinaka motor, Fore motor, Aft motor, JATO booster

Other composite Products

Filament Wound pipes and shells. Infiltrated and Autoclaved parts for wing leading edge and nose cone of the Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV)


Valeth Boat Yard manufactures composite boats for various applications, such as surveillance, patrolling, interception & utility. Facilities for temperature and humidity controlled moulding, out fittings, carpentry, interior furnishings and painting are available in-house. Valeth Boat Yard also manufactures luxury yachts and recreational boats. Further details are available on our dedicated Boat yard website